Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 more awards--omd~ woofarfbark!!!!

holy bunnie poop! i just got two more awards... the first came from my friend
thank you Garth ` woofs, barks, & an arf is in there too!

There are three rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Answer 7 questions
2. Pass it on to ten people
     (passing it on to 7 saving 3 for later)
3. Let them know they received the award

1. What is your favorite number?
Two – because when it comes to treats…. There’s always TWO
2. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage?
The canine royal beverage… fresh water from an icy cold mountain stream
3. Facebook or Twitter?
sorry, I don’t make faces at books or get the twitters….unless i am chas'n bunnies in my dreams
4. What is your passion?
Need you ask? Go’n for bunnie chas’n walkies
5. What is your favorite pattern?
zig-zag-  it confuses the squirrels when you're sneak'n up on them
6. What is your favorite day of the week?
Sundays!!! Cause it’s go’n to Yorba Park and look’n for bunnies n’ squirrels day
7. What is your favorite flower?
Johnny jump ups….. cause it's M’s favorite and I love M.

the second came from someone new to my web-buds pack~ i give a "barktastic" THANK YOU! to:
Dogs N Pawz a great online place for information about dogs

There are also three rules for the Award:
1. thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it on to fifteen people
7 things to share about myself? i think i’ll do things you may not know about me-those secret pooch-things….
  • When i was a puppy i use to eat my own poop! Yea, M got upset, researched all about it- found it’s not that uncommon- nipped it in the bud with some natural stuff called S.E.P (stop eating poop) from solid gold. – the real secret… i still sometimes sneak in a bite.
  • When  i  was  a teenager- i was really gawky looking…M and S wondered if i was truly a “berner”…or something unnamable.
  •  i steal cookies  off the counter and let M think she forgot to get me one…and then she gets me another
  • i  smooze S into giving me nibbles when we are at the dining table- don’t tell M, she frowns if i beg
  • if i really caught a bunnie or squirrel…i would probably be afraid of it.
  • the best part of morn’n "bunnie hunt’n walkies"….gett’n  M and S up at 4:30 am and out of their warm beds.
  • i would really like to be friends with my sis “the cat”, she’s a real meanie to me…one day i’m gonna have my own “cat friend”. (it’s  unnerving for a 118 pound dog to be pushed around by a 9 pound cat) 
now for the passing of the awards: there are so many great ones out there, and m and i don't spend that much time online- we have our favorites. (no particular order for the list.)

for the sunshine award: because these blogs always add sunshine to my day

Fizz @ Bernese Mountain Dogs of Berntoak  - she's the sunshine of my heart
RA Husky - my colorado buds
Angus & Milos adventures - featuring Milo and Jet-the new pup
Two Doodles and a Dane - fun, fun, fun
Two Goldens and a Wanna Be - their cat likes them...ahhh
a chocolate world - tails of an agility dog - my friend Cadbury
Homer, the golden retriever - this guy is an international jet-retriever- fun adventures

these are new blogs we found that caught our attention; whom i think may be the future "sunshine award" from us.
thanks again Garth for this award!

for the " inspiring blogger" award, i am go'n to include several that are not necessarily "dog" blogs, but M and i really like

happy chickens lay healthy eggs - go there and be inspired by bees and chickens
tales from the rock - just visit this blog and you'll see why we love it
the dog who doesn't fetch - this is a new and wonderful find for us
hades the golden retriever - another new and fun find
ruled by paws - assistance dogs with inspiring power
the world according to garth - garth inspires us everyday to be a great dog
barnie's dog blog - full of inspiring energy
molly the wally - simply a wow blog
beautifully unique - raelyn and rose are inspirational
the legacy chronicles - casey's dedication is inspirational
meditation, motivation, & inspiration - this blog is wonderful
mouse houses - a really fun site
true alignment - another inspirational blog
simple tasty healthy - a lot of work goes into this wonderful fun blog
a journey...  - this is M's blog~  and S and i insist that she be rewarded too.

thanks again Dogs N Pawz for this woofenderful award!

whew! now on to notify'n everyone- arf


  1. jessej....
    Thank-you for thinking of me as being inspirational!! But.... I already earned this award!! Just yesterday, actually!! I am not sure if you are even allowed to receive Blogging Awards twice? But, anyway, go ahead and bless somebody else with it!! ;op

    1. yes you can! you can get as many as those around you feel they want to bestow the award- some have 5 or 6 sunshine awards-

  2. Wow, thank you for the award! It's easy to be dedicated to such a good cause like finding furever homes! :D I'm TOTALLY with you on the bunny chases. That's the most fun part of a walk, but Momma gets all annoyed at me. Hello, why are you bringing me to where there are bunnies if I'm not supposed to chase them?!

    1. casey...i totally agree, don't take me to bunnies if you don't want me to chase...ha!

  3. Hi Jesse!

    Thanks so much for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I'm flattered. I enjoyed learning about you. I LIKE icy mountain streams too! Not just for drinking but also for splashing in. Mom thinks I'm crazy. I like to chase bunnies, but I only chase them a little ways. I actually did a play bow first last time I chased a bunny. I don't understand why the bunnies don't want to play chase. All my friends love to play chase.

    We plan to post and pass it on as soon as we have time. Have you seen my latest post on my silly photo contest? That's been keeping me and mom busy. You should enter!


    1. yea! why won't they with us? that's discrimination!!! woofs!

  4. jessej....
    Thank-you for the award!! I am now giving you a little "friendly payback"!! Yep!! I'm passing the Very Inspiring Blogger Award onto you!! Enjoy!! ;op

  5. Thanks for the award - your blog brings me and M happiness everyday when we read your antics!
    If only a sunshine award brought sunshine I would be most happy but I suppose I like getting wet so I shouldn't complain about the rain!

    woofs Cadbury

    1. oh cadbury, please send some of the rain to CO... it's so dry there right now and with the fires all around the ranch...we would take it all- bark to the raindog, tell we need it in america!

  6. Jessej , thank you so much for our award and we put it up on our award blog yesterday. You are very kind.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. GruffHello Jessie my friend! Well it is not often we receive anything other than a slap in the face with a wet fish (think that is a term of phrase though I rather like the sound of it myself!).....you take care, Love Barnie x

  8. Congratulations on your awards jessej.

  9. Thank you jessej and margeaux,
    You are true inspirations also. I have not been blogging much lately, but my spiritual path continues. I hope to start blogging again soon.
    Thank again,

  10. Congratulations on your awards! Enjoyed reading about you!

  11. CONGRATS on the award!!! 4:30 am you crazy? That times fer sleeping! :)

    THANKS SO much for passing this on to us, we really really appreciate it :)

    BIG Slobbers