Tuesday, July 31, 2012

just can't figure it...yet

okay, M said somethin' fun is happen'n on thursday, and i know M she gets things ready and done weeks, if not months ahead of time... so, bunnie and i checked out certain absolute clues today and here is what we found~

 we're still get'n packages at the door.

M is charg'n up all the 
camera batteries.

for a moment i thought we might be go'n "geodogg'n" we haven't done that in a long time, but the pack is hang'n in the closet

this is interesting... i haven't seen these toys for ages...bunnie said M dug them out of the bottom of my toy box, hummm, they had a special purpose...but what was that for.... oh puppy poop, i can't remember....

then we checked out Tiera's area, if we are go'n somewhere for a time she gets a huge bowl of food and water... nope, it is the same.

"hey! dog and stuffy rabbit guy...keep your stinky paws off my food!!

"wish our surprise was a new cat..."
"yeah! a really really big one that loves bunnies and dogs but hates psycho cats..."

"okay, let's call it a day bunnie, not much here...except for those toys....... i remember them from somewhere. and why did M take them out of my box. Oh wait bunnie what's that, let's go see what that is..."
~see everyone tomorrow, we may have this figured out soon, have a great nite~ 

Monday, July 30, 2012

spy bunnie continues

well, let me tell you, bunnie followed M & S around all day yesterday and he said they are being quiet about whatever is go'n on. then this morn'n M got up, made a phone call, and smiled at me with a "hey, we gotta go somewhere" look.

i got so excited almost pee'd- "this is it!!!" i said to bunnie, as M slipped on my collar. we got in the car and off we went..... then, i saw my destination....

 "is this my surprise???" i whined as we pulled up to the vet's office.  i wasn't due for a bath~which only meant "the doc, the man with the needles."

i wasn't very happy.

M told me it would be all right, it was just my yearly check up. "Yep, the man with the needles" i closed my eyes and dreamed of my true love, Fizz. btw- i weigh'd in at 118.6 lbs, M said i had a bad case of TMT (too many treats) and we would have to cut back on my cookies... can this day get any worse i ask you ???

on the way home, as i was pout'n in the back seat, M told me to cheer up and wait for thursday because somethin' fun was go'n to happ'n, but it was a secret. WOOF! today wasn't the secret.

when i got home bunnie grabbed me and said the mail-lady had been there and we needed to get to the box so we could scope out the mail for any clues about thursday.

"what is it, bunnie?"

"a package, but i can't read what it says"

"let's get it inside, i think it's a pressie for M."

"we could negotiate, she gets the pressie if she tells us what her secret is all about?"

"bunnie!! that's a great idea..."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

operation "spy bunnie"

okay friends, somethin' is up in my pack, M and S have been whisper'n and hush'n as soon as i step in the room to hear what they are say'n. i know it's M's birthday next week and their anniversary too- but it doesn't figure they would hide somethin' from me, not their best buddy.

i asked bunnie to hang out and try and find out for me...since it is obvious that M and S aren't talk'n. i think M's suspicious...

"jess, what are you two up to, you look guilty of something?"

"we're not do'n noth'n M, just talk'n..."

"okay... have fun."

operation  "spy bunnie" in effect~

i'll let everyone know what i find out when bunnie reports for his daily debriefing.  hope you all have had a woofenderful weekend!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

how to eat freezerpups indoors

how does one have to eat a freezerpup when one cannot go outside to do so? M's solution-
just a FYI, not nearly as tasty without the grassy condiments

i also would like to take a moment to say goodbye to a little friend whose life was cut way too short. he lived in Mexico with his family. Hades Spring fell ill and traveled the Rainbow Bridge on July 19th. We all will miss Hades, and have sent our beloved friends on the other side of the bridge to meet him and give him a warm and loving welcome. His family says it is to early to think of another friend, but promises to keep his blog open for the future. licks and sniffs until we cross again little pooch- jesse

Monday, July 23, 2012

"the cast is off-the cast is off!!!"   "hey M this is my blog, stop it!" 
sorry guys she gets excited sometimes, it's true- the cast is off and there are no more excuses for not allowing me on the computer or to go search'n for adventures.
the face of a content successful hunter

this weekend i did a heap of hike'n- saturday morn'n we headed off to check out the smells and news around our neck-of-the-neighborhood, took me awhile, had too much to smell-read. S got a little impatient...  who cares, they can't leave me behind, he did threaten to put me on a leash..the nerve, really! M set him straight- thank you M.

sunday we did our yorba park bunnie/squirrel hunt. we were run'n a little late, although the sun was already up i did bush 3 bunnies and then i entered the..... ksa....

ksa ~known squirrel area~ 
spotted 3 and chased another 2 before we called it quits and headed home where M had a surprise for me.

last christmas, auntie Lois, (the therapy guy's mom) gave me a mold to make some freezerpups- M had mixed up a batch and they cooled me down on a hot successful park day!

thank you auntie lois & M

Monday, July 16, 2012

popp'n for a hello

barks!!!  i would love to say i haven't been here for a while because of all the excit'n adventures i had been hav'n...but sad to say that is not the case. M, yep, i can honestly blame it on M and her lack of two thumbs- and i just don't understand it...i don't have any thumbs and i do just fine. but then again i am a superior mammal, a Dog, and we have to understand they are simply humans. woofs! M still has her cast on and all we hear all day long is just how ready she is to have it off~ then she promises a whole bunch of adventures for us!

until then, i'll just enjoy my "M feels guilty" bones. do my chores, help'n out M with carry'n in stuff.  opps, when i brought in the mail today...forgot it's not mine. oh well, it wasn't important...i hope

i do so love to eat paper...especially t-paper. i remember as a pup i would lick it right off the wall roller thingie; it tasted so yummy. 
still does, but don't tell M or S, they think it disappears because the other uses it all... ~quiet~ arfs!

Friday, July 6, 2012

the magical word

bunnies? .... did someone say bunnies?
i luv chase'n my bunnies... and my fame is now far and wide as the "chief bunnie-boy." i don't even have to chase them.... they see me, hear me, smell me! and then hit the hopp'n trail.
 now that i am gett'n older and with my "robo-dog" knees, it's grrrrrrreat!

 went to the plark the other day, there were thousands! well maybe hundreds...ok-ok- at least ten...

 and as soon as i hit the grass all i hear are bunnie warn'n calls... "hop! jesse's here- hop!"
"oh yeah, it felt good, didn't have to exert one little muscle except my lips in a smile."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Roxy and Lilo

hi there everyone, good day to all! i hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th without too many scary firework sounds.

i have a new friend, Roxy, that walks past my house every so often, she's a beauty and really sweet. at first she was very shy and wouldn't come near M or i, but now she is more relaxed. she is a rescued dog-- yea! her pack leader, T, and family have been working very hard to make her comfortable and feel safe in her new home; it shows with her head held high and proud when out for walkies.

she came by the other day and i asked her to send me some pics
              here they are.... thanks Roxy- woofs
my first night in my new home
my 1st birthday

kick'n back be'n a dog

like your bunnie, jesse...
this is my favorite toy

 as you can see by her black tongue...she has some chow-chow in her. M & S used to raise chows before they had me and love the breed. M says that Roxy is go'n to be a wonderful friend to her family....and i agree.


next, i would like to introduce.... Lilo -  
    new to her pack; she is being a very good puppy and teaching them all about owning a puppy. Lilo is a first time pet for this fun family and we should be hearing a lot of barktastic tales from her about their training. her pack family, C, L, Mariah and Lanna are as excited as M and i to have Lilo in our lives. 

Mariah and me

Lanna and me

thanks Lilo for send'n us some pictures
we are look'n forward to more
and stay tuned for advice from
all my web buds on how to 
"best train your pack"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

friends have left, but not without being loved

aunt Montana
Pip and friend Preston resting

we send our heart and love to the Dolyhir Clan in Wales, they have not only lost one friend but two in the last forty-eight hours. this is the parental home of my welsh princess & sweetheart Fizz. both aunt Montana and Pip, a rescue collie, are resting in a beautiful place at the "Rock." to read about their lives and tales... visit: TalesFromTheRock and Dolyhir Bernese Mountain dogs
photos are the property of tony @ Dolyhir Bernese Mountain dogs