Monday, July 30, 2012

spy bunnie continues

well, let me tell you, bunnie followed M & S around all day yesterday and he said they are being quiet about whatever is go'n on. then this morn'n M got up, made a phone call, and smiled at me with a "hey, we gotta go somewhere" look.

i got so excited almost pee'd- "this is it!!!" i said to bunnie, as M slipped on my collar. we got in the car and off we went..... then, i saw my destination....

 "is this my surprise???" i whined as we pulled up to the vet's office.  i wasn't due for a bath~which only meant "the doc, the man with the needles."

i wasn't very happy.

M told me it would be all right, it was just my yearly check up. "Yep, the man with the needles" i closed my eyes and dreamed of my true love, Fizz. btw- i weigh'd in at 118.6 lbs, M said i had a bad case of TMT (too many treats) and we would have to cut back on my cookies... can this day get any worse i ask you ???

on the way home, as i was pout'n in the back seat, M told me to cheer up and wait for thursday because somethin' fun was go'n to happ'n, but it was a secret. WOOF! today wasn't the secret.

when i got home bunnie grabbed me and said the mail-lady had been there and we needed to get to the box so we could scope out the mail for any clues about thursday.

"what is it, bunnie?"

"a package, but i can't read what it says"

"let's get it inside, i think it's a pressie for M."

"we could negotiate, she gets the pressie if she tells us what her secret is all about?"

"bunnie!! that's a great idea..."


  1. Oo the man with needles isnt too bad! I've got to go and see mine in a fortnight but I know mine will give me a treat if I'm good... so I always try to be good!
    I have always liked my man with needles since he made my broken leg all better and gave me a big bone to help me get better.
    Woofs - so he gets big licks off me!!

  2. We don't mind the dawgtor but we sure don't like the scales that call you heavy and then you don't get treats. We hate bath time even more. Hope you have a better day today Jessej.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Your bunnies the best. He really is helping find out whats going on. Can't wait till thursday to find out what M's getting for her birthday.

  4. jessej....
    What an amusing Blog post this was!! ;)
    I am sorry that you had to go to the V-E-T, though!! No fun!! :-(
    I am excitedly looking forward to Thursday!! Impatiently, actually!! Two days!! How can anybody wait that long? ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  5. Oh boo, not the V-E-T-S, sorry about that! And sorry that you have the case of TMT, you look pawestively fine to us.

    Dante, Daisy Boo & Sampson