Sunday, August 5, 2012


wow~ was that a fun mini-vacation! i need to make sure that M and S do this more often, it was only an hour and half drive-- sure beats that 17 hour grool'n drive to the ranch in colorado-- and almost nearly as much fun. i spent so much time in the water that i almost started growing barnacles... no wait that's the about algae... okay, that's it, algae almost started grow'n on me, arfs!

me with my water log and a new friend
teach'n fly'n fish how to swim
M and S had a terrific dinner of whole fried tilapia at their favorite big bear restaurant, they ate out on the patio right near where i was in the subaru- and did i get lots of oooo's and ahhhh's from everyone, at least until i fell asleep- totally exhausted.

bunnie relax'n at the cabin
actually we were all exhausted and when we got back to the cabin we all fell asleep on the "queen bed." i usually don't get on the beds, but this was a special night. M and S complained all the next day that they had to hang on to their "shared" one-third of the bed since i hogged the other two-thirds all night and when they tried to get me off-- i said "no way! i'm tired from swimming." woofs!

the next morn'n we took fly'n fish down to the water, bunnie stayed on the porch- he's a little afraid and can't swim. fly'n fish had a great time and so did i. then after some breakfast we headed home with a little side trip to our old "stomp'n and camp'n" grounds on the route home. i got to check out the water in the santa ana river and holy bunnie was icy cold. i realize now just how warm the lake was. we didn't spend much time there.

so all in all... it was a wahoo woof'n barktastic trip, and i am glad to be home. and in the morn'n i can't wait to get online and see what all of you have been do'n the last few days... i've missed ya!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

OMD~ it's big bear lake

as soon as we had breakfast and house all buttoned up, i hoped into the car ready to go. fly'n fish was a little nervous, this is his first trip, bunnie assured him it would be lots of fun
after about an hour and half drive'n into the mountains, we turn a corner and it suddenly occured to me where we were go'n and what the strange forgotten toy was for.....the lake- big bear lake to be precise. i told M she should have let me know so bear could have come too.
we checked into our cabin right near the lake, then grabbed our towels and down to the water we all ran. the best part of this cabin is it has its own lake/beach.

i met a new friend, Gypsy, she's from las vegas, i told her all about you guys and my special girl- Fizz, a welsh princess. she has some other friends here that i'll meet later. she shared her ball and i my "water log". i'm not too fond of the deep water, so she got them if it was too far out.

i am have'n soooooo much fun !!

it has been three years since i have been here, how could i have forgotten the water toy. i won't again. M and S played in the water with me too, for a long long time and we are all really tired. so, we headed inside for a short nap and me to let everyone know where we're at.

wahoo-and tonight is a full moon so guess who is go'n to have a midnight-full moon swim!

we have lots of photo, but M is have'n blogsy issues...i think she just took too many and it is tired now -woof,

talk to you soon, hope you are have'n lots of fun too!!


ROAD TRIP !!!!!!

i don't know where but i do know that it  involves a ROAD TRIP and a over nite stay~

this morn'n i caught M pack'n the car with her and my bags, and i found S had stacked his travel'n gear, gett'n it ready to go.  
we're packed and ready to go--- yeah!

when i went downstairs just now, my blanket/bed was by the back door. i called to bunnie to hurry come quick and sit there and make sure he didn't get forgotten. 

M came down and as she passed us she asked in a nonchalant voice:
"you want a bath too bunnie?"

yeah right.... as if we didn't have it all figured out already. couldn't help it but just had to send a raspberry her way as she walked away chuckling.

i know we all wanted a new puppy friend... well, at least i know M does, but a road trip is the next best thing. now, bunnie and i have to figure out where we are go'n. maybe i'll take Rella's advice again and just sit back, enjoy the ride, and see what adventures are on this road trip. hummm, should i take fly'n fish too since it involves water?
i will make sure M takes the iPad so i can keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

last night's discovery was even more confusing...just as i was post'n here i saw M put a bag on the counter near my food, it had towels in it and...the strange toy from my box.
so this morn'n when S and i went on our buddy walk i asked him outright "what's up?"

he just smiled at me and then said: "it's a surprise."     can you believe it?


in tough times a pooch has to call in his buds for help; when M was busy upstairs and S off to work i called a clandestine meet'n in the garage. everyone had their opinions... so i took notes
bunny: squirrel hunt'n in the woods
bear: go'n with M to the hot springs spa
rabbit: go'n to the beach
opossum: go'n on a picnic and it might rain
frogger: agrees with everyone else- she can't seem to make up her mind
funkykitty: to the dog-hotel to play with friends there (not fun!
pheasant: a brand new never been to park
fly'n fish: go'n on a boat trip
fly'n duck: geo dogg'n (we told her we ruled that one out but she insists it still could happen
octoball:  he didn't say anything cause he doesn't have a mouth, but came along for support
rella-the gorilla: rella just hung around quietly as we yell out this and that, laughed a lot and kick out the ideas that weren't in the least bit fun, like a trip to see the vet. and when we were all done, Rella simply suggested that i just wait...patiently... and see what happens tomorrow.

i suppose i could try and do that...but it's gonna be powerful hard