Thursday, August 2, 2012

ROAD TRIP !!!!!!

i don't know where but i do know that it  involves a ROAD TRIP and a over nite stay~

this morn'n i caught M pack'n the car with her and my bags, and i found S had stacked his travel'n gear, gett'n it ready to go.  
we're packed and ready to go--- yeah!

when i went downstairs just now, my blanket/bed was by the back door. i called to bunnie to hurry come quick and sit there and make sure he didn't get forgotten. 

M came down and as she passed us she asked in a nonchalant voice:
"you want a bath too bunnie?"

yeah right.... as if we didn't have it all figured out already. couldn't help it but just had to send a raspberry her way as she walked away chuckling.

i know we all wanted a new puppy friend... well, at least i know M does, but a road trip is the next best thing. now, bunnie and i have to figure out where we are go'n. maybe i'll take Rella's advice again and just sit back, enjoy the ride, and see what adventures are on this road trip. hummm, should i take fly'n fish too since it involves water?
i will make sure M takes the iPad so i can keep you updated.


  1. Have fun! Can't wait to see where you're going!

  2. Jessej we can't bear anymore excitement. We have BO2012, London Olympics and now where are you going????? My it's too much. I have to have a lie down.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Road trip! Woohoo! Have fun, and don't furget to tell us where you're going!

  4. Woooooooo! Have fun Jesse! Where are you and bunnie going??

    Milo :)