Sunday, September 30, 2012

it's barktastic to be back!

hi ya gang...! 

first, sorry i missed everyone's summer; M was ill...ate a 4 pound lobster for her birthday and it did a royal number on her..."iodine overdose." she was sick for five weeks. i had to hold down the fort for her and help S with take'n care- S said i did a "super barkrific" job.  she is all better now and we are off to find adventures... which we had this weekend~

SATURDAY we took trip down to the plark for some bunny hunt'n- there were a few, but lots of new smells, so i got in a lot of sniff'n. as the sun was com'n up and we were just relax'n sitt'n around wait'n to see if any bunnies would come back...they do that sometimes, lo-and-behold-... 

across the lawn came a young "yotie". i jumped up and dashed off toward him and barked--- 

"hey this is my plark and these are my bunnies." 

M was yell'n for me to stop....but i didn't- you guys understand, i know you do, you can't just let a yotie come into your territory.

anyhowls- that yotie stopped dead in his tracks and woofed back at me "i'm just pass'n through- don't want your stupid bunnies." 

i barked back "then get go'n!"

he ran off a little ways and started mark'n stuff- then he howled at me.... "this is a public place you dumb dog" and dashed off. 

the nerve of him! by that time i had an angry M grab my collar and drag me back to where we were, all the while telling me about how we have to share this land with the wildlife, and that he doesn't get his food prepared and delivered to him in a clean bowl in a warm and comfortable home filled with love.

i hung my head and murmured... "but they are my bunnies...and they're not fur eat'n."

SUNDAY we did our traditional full-moon yorba walk, didn't find any critters like i thought we would, but had a fun walk all the same. M did have her camera with her and got some nice shots of the moon reflect'n on the water but it was too dark for anything else. 

so, that about wraps up my weekend, think i'll just kick back and chew on my new sunday bone...       woofs to all!



  1. Jessej we hope mum is Ok now. Must have been a bad reaction to all that iodine. Love your full moon. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Glad mum's ok. We don't have yoties over her but we do have foxes, so I know exactly how you feel, they come into OUR kingdom and poo everywhere. Glad you're back, I missed you so much. So lots of loves comin' your way. Snuggles & kisses, from your Queen. <3

  3. Welcome back Jesse.

    We're so glad you took such great care of M. it must have been so scary for you to see her so ill.

    Hope to see you both at our new home soon -

  4. Hi Jessej. It's great to hear from you again, i'm glad you done such a great jobb looking after M, where you howling at the moon.


    1. i did the night before when we heard them "whoop'n" it up in our canyon. i gotta get my say in too! howooooooooooo !

  5. Jessej....
    Oh, poor M!! Being ill is never fun!! I am glad that she's feeling better!! Ew. I trust that you were a "super barkrific" Comfort Dog!! ;)
    What an amusing story about the "yotie". Thank God that you did not become his food!! ;-]
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

    1. i was a lot bigger than that little guy, M thinks it was a spring pup, at least not much over a year.

  6. Harroooo mates! Good to see wooos, glad effuryone is getting on well, play bows,


  7. So glad you're back and that M is feeling better!

  8. Welcome back, avoid shellfish :) Nothing much has happened at Rock HQ while you were away, erm.......... :)

  9. Hi Jesse!
    I found your blog through Fizz's blog in the UK. You know ... I'm a Swiss Mountain Geo-Dog too, an Entlebucher Sennenheund, so I was really really waggy to find your blog. I'm only a puppy, but me and my human found our 500th cache this weekend together which was nice. She's teaching me to sniff them out.
    I guess Swiss Mountain Dog's have all the best hobbies. *Wag wag wag*

  10. I'm glad she's feeling better and I'm glad you're back!

  11. I hope your M is feeling better now. You've done a great job looking after her!