Sunday, October 28, 2012

jesse j ~the beginning

memories~ the pup
the day I met Jesse was a day so filled with synchronicity that there is no denying- it was destined for him to come into our lives.  it was a couple of days before valentine's day when Steve and I were out shopping; no matter how much we wanted or how hard we tried avoiding going to a particular shopping area, life would not accept our plans, it had plans of its own.

We had lost Ursa not more than 2 years earlier  she was a best friend for 16 years, her and her mate were the second set of Chow-chows we had owned and when Ursa stepped across to her next journey I felt it was time to change breeds. She had been my friend and I did not want to be comparing her to a new one if and when the time came.

  I grew up with St. Bernards, Great Danes, Wirehaired Terriers, and my childhood protector a wonderful Belgian Shepard named Beau. I wanted a larger dog this time and began studying the breeds- Newfoundland was my first and quick choice- but I knew Steve felt it was too big. Then, I saw the Bernese Mountian Dog, it was a strikingly beautiful dog, just the right size, but what hit home with me was when I read in one the of books I had that "this canine does not need an wants a family" (so unlike the one-man chow-chows) I wanted a friend that would be "family." It was decided, I studied the breed, bought a little Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal to keep at my desk and waited until life said it was time- I was, or so I thought, not ready.

 Back to the day.... finally fate won and we headed off to the little shopping strip to hopefully find the item we had been looking for. When we pulled up I noticed there was a new shop... PetsInc, next to the market. "Oh let's go see what it has to offer," I told Steve. We still had two cats at home and one who loved toys, catnip, and treats with a passion. Well, this place was not what I had expected nor would have purchased a living animal from, nevertheless, there in a pen near the door were two bernese mountain dogs. My heart dropped- "I can't!!" I screamed in my mind, this is against all my beliefs. I walked out so fast I nearly knocked someone else off their feet. When we finished shopping and headed back to our car (and this, folks, I think was my downfall) I had to take one little tinsey winsey peek inside...again. One of the pups looked me straight in the eyes and touched my soul. My husband went inside and asked about the pups, the cost, where they were from, other details a man of the house would think to ask. The pup in question was a male; I breathed a sigh of relief "Well, that's easy... I want a female. Let's get the groceries home." End of story..... NOT~

We were at home for over an hour; I just couldn't get that pup out of my mind. I rationalized, I mentally argued with my integrity, I gave in and decided to go back for one more look and at least touch the little guy. Perhaps there was something there that would help me rid myself of this constant urge to make him a member of our family. There wasn't--- Jesse came home with me that afternoon and I have never regretted a second of that decision.

After getting home I realized we had nothing we needed, we had to make yet another shopping trip down to our local, PetSmart...and if memory serves me I made at least two more trips that night, forgetting this and that, food dishes, toys, a play pen ... a crate that never was used- but that's another story.

That first night after all was set-up Jesse gave me a howling bark of approval...
I howled right back at him. "welcome to your family little guy"

just a note: How he had actually gotten into that "puppy shop" is somewhat a mystery  He was from a breeder in Missouri, a reputable one- AKC did a genetic verification for me, an investigation, and cleared them of any wrong. It seems that a person purchased two pups from Country View Berners and sold one to this California broker for twice what they paid for both pups. I contacted the breeder and was able to receive all paperwork, parental photos, and health history as if I had purchased Jesse directly.


  1. That was a lovely story, thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely story and we know they find you somehow someway. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. M....
    Isn't it amazing when your plans, for better or worse, seem invalid, somehow? Because. They are not our plans, after all. They're God's!! ;)
    What a neat and beautiful story. I feel as though I've just read something in Chicken Soup for the Soul!! Or watched a Hallmark movie, even!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  4. Thank you for this story, it was beautiful <3


  5. What a gorgeous puppy - impossible to resist!

  6. M's crying again!! Us pups come into your lives just at the right time whether you like it or not! we know who needs us! woofs and licks

  7. Oh Jesse,
    He found his way to you, to where he belonged.
    He was a good hunter, he always found those geocaches things and always spotted those bunnies.
    Love you Jesse XXXXX

    1. :) and he found you & and a wonderful friend for me.... thanks mummy