Monday, October 15, 2012

now it's me... :(

why am i wearing a sad ask. well, now it's my turn to not feel so good. last week i ate know i have the habit, and got really-really bad "poopies." M knows how to take care of those--- believe me i have given her lots of training, but we just couldn't get a handle on it. so, much to my already dismay she takes me to see Dr. So for some tests and ... yuck... shots and pills. the test came back with a slight chance of mild pancreatitis- which can come from eating things you should'nt... like maybe some delicious "bunny guts" those yoties always leave behind and M gets mad if i get one down before she can stop me.  the second set of tests didn't show a bad pancreas, so i have to have more tests.

M and S needed to go to colorado to close up the ranch for the winter...okay i blew it, i don't get to go, but they did have my best caregiver friend Cynthia, come to take care of me and my sis "the cat."

i love Cynthia... but i was not a very good pooch. i hated those pills and would not let her get near me... i even growled and snarled at her if it looked like she has some in her hand. but she hung in there with me... taking me down to the girls at the vet to give me my pill...&%$#. the other thing she had to contend with is i have stopped eating...anything. now i have everyone confused as to why. i am drinking lots of water...but nothing, not even the treats i love so much... just don't want it. i have lost a little weight, but M said i needed to anyhowls and she doesn't seem to concerned...just yet.

M and S came back last night so i go see Dr. So and M say's we have to nip this problem in the bud NOW! i hope so because i still have slight "poopies" even though i haven't eaten anything for 4 days. so, i guess i'll let everyone know how it goes at the vets today.

*** and note from M *** peoples out there if you live in Orange County California and need a PetSitter... there is none that I have ever met or known as professional, committed, or trustworthy as is Sitting with Cynthia . this woman went "way-way" overboard to make sure Jesse was going to be okay and not get worse while we were away. The dedication to doing her job was outstanding and I thank life that I have her to care for my pets when I am away. As sick as Jesse was, the worry factor was minimal knowing she was there. She sent us text messages often to keep us informed of how things were, and I will have to say when I came home and saw Jesse, it was obvious that great care had been given to him.

In the past she has dealt with ant invasions, a gazillion flies from nowhere, Tiera's regurgitation, house problems, and sick pets...all with laughter, smiles, and "sure I'll come back" agains.

Cynthia, I am not sure how I will ever thank you for this last session~ margeaux


  1. Aw zeesh, sure hope woo get to feeling better, sickies is no fun at all,


  2. Feel better really soon Jesse!

    When you do, come visit us at our new home

  3. Jesse we hope you are better soon. We know what it is like as there is some kind of nasty thing doing the rounds here at the moment. I have been sicky icky twice now and now I have an oochie on my paw. So thinking of you. Take Care.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Cynthia sounds lovely!! It's good you have someone great to look after you while your mummy is gone!! I hope you get better very soon i really do!! Not eating and drinking loads of water, sounds like maybe a symptom of diabetes? Just a guess, i hope you're alright :( <3

    Loads of kisses coming your way
    Milo!! :)<3

    1. that's what I (M talking here) first thought Milo, even though his "yearly geriatric check up" test were normal in july, but all was well with that in the tests last week. we're giving his kidney's a good flush today and some further tests. "the cat, 18 yrs old,..... goes into kidney failure yearly"'s her contribution to making me poorer and comes out shining as bright as the silver i pay to have her tested; hoping Jesse will be the same

  5. Get well soon jesse, thinking of you.

    Your pal Sheba.

  6. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope they figure out what's wrong soon. Not knowing is the skeeriest of all!

  7. Howdy Jessej, sorry we haven't been to visit earlier. Mum found an old e mail from you from June (sorry) so we thought we would pop over and say hello. We'll have paws crossed you soon feel better and stop the pooping business. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. Oh golly, no food for 4 days! I dont think I could do without for 1 day!!
    I know whats its like to eat things I shouldn't but thankfully the spoon did come out the other end the next day - which M was really pleased about!

    Get well soon Jesse!

  9. Oh my poor love! I wish I was there to hold your paw. When you sleep I will be there with you, I will never leave you my King, my love. In my dreams I will bring you fresh rabbits and bones that we can chew together. Mummy says you mustn't eat lamb as the fat can make pancreatitis worse, so it bunnies all the way.

  10. Get well soon JessieJ the Dolyhir Clan send lots of love across the pond! Stop eating yoties leftovers!