Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year everyone

Greetings to a New Year. Berner Tails has had many fun adventures, met and followed wonderful friends, and suffered a great sadness and loss. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post anything at this time as tears still flow for my missing friend. Then, as I have been doing, I began to replace the sadness with a happy memory and decided to do two things- choose what post of jesse's was my favorite for this year and what was my favorite picture. The second idea was really hard since there are so many I love.  Nevertheless, here are my choices~ and since it was a holiday, I decided I could have more than one picture... :) !

my favorite post :April 3, 2012 playing with bear, rabbit, opossum, and bunny

last week was pretty boring; M got the impulse to clean all the carpets and windows...she does this a couple of times a year...and all i can do is wait until it's all done. so, i gathered my friends, "bear, rabbit, opossum, & bunnie" and got out of M's way (least she wants to clean all of us too) and headed for the backyard where we all had great time-

especially bear, he got a little rowdy for a time.
bear just plum-tuckers me out-

happy New Years everyone !

Thursday, December 27, 2012

our pressie is here!!!!

all the way from Kent, England~ jesse's and my wonderful welsh princess, Fizz, and her Mummy, a lady with talents galore, sent us a beautiful handmade ornament of a Bernese Mountain Dog- it looks exactly like Jesse~

 although my Yule Wreath, a week old, looks a little dried out, the "jesse" ornament adds some life and fun- you can bet that it will have a home on future wreaths forever.

thank you Fizz and Liz,
 this will be cherished for eternity~

Monday, December 24, 2012

happy holiday from jesse j 's pack

may every joy be yours this holiday season
and throughout the new year

Friday, December 21, 2012

first snow

jesse's first snow

i'll never forget the first time jesse saw snow. he was so surprised; then, lifted his face toward the flurries, listened carefully to the silence of the woods, and became one with nature.

today is the Winter Solstice, i celebrate it with warm memories of a gentle friend.
May the dawn of the Winter Solstice chase the dark away.
May it bring to you the promise of endless brand new days.
May all your sorrows vanish.
And all your dreams come true.
And may the light of the Winter Solstice always shine on you.
margeaux, steve, tiera & jesse's spirit

Monday, December 10, 2012

oh no M, he's got a paper fetish-

jesse's favorite "puppy chewy stuff" was paper, especially toilet paper and kleenex. even when he was an adult, 7 years old, I would catch him stealing toilet paper off the roll, kleenex out of the trash, and to his joy and surprise a crumpled piece of paper dropped on the floor.

Here is a simulated picture - using  my "stuffed Berner" to show how I found jesse one day when he was about 4 months old.

He had been a good puppy, learned the potty outside lessons and had gained access to the entire house by then. One day I was in my study and got this feeling that I needed to check on my little friend and decided to hunt him out and see just what he was up to. I did, and found him in our master bathroom, on his back, happily chewing away as the toilet paper slowly moved across the floor from the roll to his sweet little chompers. I have always regretted I didn't have a video camera handy for a picture. Thus, the simulation photo. tiera helped me set up the photo, she remembers the scene as well.

Many times when I would be outside in jesse's potty area and see these funky looking "brownish paper logs" it would suddenly dawn me of why it seemed I was changing that blasted roll so much. I would have to keep an eye on him even when bringing the mail.  However, there are two stories where his fetish nearly and did cost me a bit of coin.

I had gone outside to pay our tree trimmer, cash, for his work and had too much money with me. As I was heading back into the house jesse was in his "let me carry that....comeon....let me carry it" OCD mood and needed to carry what was in my hand into the house. So, I thought okay... here, and gently placed the bill in his mouth and watch him joyfully trot into the house. My mistake.... by the time I reach him in the family room where he usually took and dropped the mail I saw my money disappear past his lips, over the tongue, and gone fooooorrrrever.  Even a finger could not reach that piece of, okay here it is.... $100.00 treat.

the best was when, even after warning S, of jesse's love for paper (jess was about 6-7 months old) and the need to keep anything important out of reach of his little puppy chompers, S laid a postal money order on the dresser, near the edge I might add. I can't remember exactly how...but jesse was caught eating the money order. S had a small fit because it was for... $600.00 and anyone who has bought money orders knows if it is lost it is very hard to replace or get your money back. Thankfully the portion that was pulled out from my reaching into his throat was one small corner where the serial number was still intact.  We had to wait for 6 weeks, after filling out several forms at the post office, but did eventually get the monies returned. poor jesse was on S's #%^& list for a long time for that.

opps.... thankfully not my paycheck
carrying in mail with his mail bag