Sunday, September 1, 2013

BernerTails will return!

to my faithful friends, we have decided to put this blog on pause until we have new family members to share our adventures. it has been a hard decision not to run out and get a new puppy, i miss having a companion; however, i think it would be best if our new friend was raised and trained to live in the wilds of Colorado instead of the urban life of southern California. with that thought i must wait for a while longer; in a year or so we will move permanently to the ranch. there, we will not only have a "couple" of wonderful Bernese Mountain dogs, but an Anatolian Shepard who will guard the yaks, burros, ducks, bees, and barn cats. with all those critters, the stories will be fun and filled with lots of adventures to share, we hope that you will rejoin us then in celebrating life at the ranch.

i plan on keeping tabs on all of your blogs, i love your stories. we will see everyone soon. and those who are viewing BernerTails for the first time- welcome and please poke around, jesse had many fun adventures to read about.
thank you all- margeaux-- aka: M

Sunday, August 18, 2013

black and white sunday ~

while strolling around the "dog blog world" to see what our friends were up to I noticed there was a recurrent theme for sunday postings...  here is my submission ............. she smiles!
of course it is pretty easy when you have a gray haired white woman wearing a black shirt and hat while sitting next to a black and white mountain dog..... hahahahahaha!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

a great big hello and hope everyone is woofunderful!

again, it's been nearly ages since we have been here. tiera is doing great, getting older and enjoying the
summer heat and sunshine.

 S and I decided to take a little holiday up to our camping spot near the Gorgonio Wilderness. yes there were a few tears of remembering our friend jesse j but we also decided to make a special tribute to his favorite spots.

when jesse and i would go geodogg'n (geocaching) we would always leave a little "token"; kind of our "we were here" sign to add to the treasure boxes.

so, S and I found three wonderful places that the pooch would love as we
hiked and left one of his tokens at each. one with a waterfall and pond even had a small little fish in was perfect! jesse absolutely loved to play with fish in the small pools as he refreshed himself during our long hikes.


i also found some forgotten photos still in the big camera (that had not been used since our last trip with jesse.) here are a couple favorites from that batch taken at Big Bear Lake last year.

he played long and hard with his buds and was a really pooped-pooch,
but still managed to give me a smile

just a little side note to my friends who are use to leaving comments here unhampered. you will now see i have to moderate the comments. it appears that an "anonymous spammer" is leaving inappropriate comments and links - i apologize to my friends.

Friday, July 12, 2013

what can we say....

Phil the ostrich applies for a job...
what do ya want a Bernese Mountain Dog
 to guard your ranch?
you gotta problem with ostriches?
and what's with this chatter of a burro and yak? 
i demand equal opportunity!

Monday, June 3, 2013

the last of the T & V Stables little ones

congratulations to T&V Stables on their newest addition to the "foals of 2013." Reebok, not due until next week, surprisingly had little "Puma" in the night all by herself.

Here is what Eileen wrote:
Reebok, the last mare to foal, fooled us..this her first baby, that wasn't due until next week. Reebok showed absolutely no signs, no bag,  no change of shape, still ate like a horse, no milk to test,  ect etc etc. We checked her late Thursday night...all was quiet.... however, Friday morning, Jim found little Puma happy and dry, drinking and cantering about when we got there early to feed everyone.
Puma, 18 hours old...just beautiful.

we are heading out to the ranch Wednesday and I am very excited to see all the new babies up close. I know that my heart will be heavy in missing Jesse, but I will carry his memory along with me so he may enjoy the little ones too.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hope, the pillow baby ~ lol

Eileen just sent us an updated picture of little Hope. As you can see, Babe is thoroughly enjoying her new foal...who would have thought she'd make a great pillow too! We are going out to the ranch next week, I can't wait to see this precious miracle and give her a snuggle.

"allright... if you're not going to take your nap... then, I will..."

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day ~

Memorial Day
Remembering our Soldiers and their faithful canines who gave their lives so I may be free 
~ I shall cherish their gift with honor ~

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


one of the projects I have been needing to do was another of my "pooch potty bag pull-up" containers for my friends in Wales. They are getting ready for their annual Bernese Mountain Dog Treasure hunt and I wanted to send some trinkets for the prizes. I have made several of these and the best part is using recycled "wipes" tubs for the containers. If I can re-purpose or recycle something I am in heaven. These are simple to make and cost very little if you use things around the house such as old wrapping paper, sticky contact paper that is left over, you can use almost anything for your decorations. sorry for the bad photos.

what you'll need:
1. an empty "wipes" tub, 
2. paper for your background,
3. stickers or other decorations
4. clear tape
5. acetate sheets to protect everything
     when cleaning the outside of the tub.
6. doggie bags, rolls

Cut your background and the acetate to fit and attach to the tub. I use a sticky shelving cork that adheres to the tub. You could use double sided tape or a spray glue.

Decorate your tub however you like, ribbons, photos, stickers. If you're a scrap-booker...then treat it like a page (just remember if you plan on putting an acetate cover to protect it, it needs to be flat.

When satisfied with your decorations wrap the tub with the acetate and attach the end with some "clear" tape where they meet. I also run some along the top and bottom to seal and finish. 

Fill the tub with rolls of "doggie bags." Most tubs can hold 12 rolls.

Start one of the rolls through the top, close the lid and, whalla, you are good to go. When you need a baggie, pull it out, tear it off, and smile.

I kept one of these in the back of my car so if out and about and the pooch needed to go, I just pulled out a couple of baggies and was ready when he was.

Monday, May 13, 2013

peanut ! grand ol'e gal

Peanut- one of the pea-nutiest friends of jesse's. They've known each other from his puppyhood. Peanut, although a little slower, is still tromping around in Deer Creek Canyon a favorite spot of both pooches. If you remember from Jesse's past stories Peanut was the one that loves bunnies too, although not for their ability to put on a grand chase but for their scrumptious tidbits they leave behind in the grass... ha! 
It is good to see Peanut doing so woofrific, her pack leader, Angie, says Peanut takes care of her pack...but I think it's Angie's terrific care as well.  When I asked Peanut how old she is now.... she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders- 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prince Cody is here!

Zilla had her colt, a smart little stallion named Cody! congratulations mama, job well done. Both of the ladies that spend time at our ranch are happy moms. I think it was some "magical woofs" that jesse gave to them when he was out there. You can be sure we will see that they get special treats for mother's day. We are planning on going out to the ranch soon, I can't wait to see them up close...and give them a good snuggle.

 36 hours old, born April 9th during a huge snow storm---

......Vickie also had her little stallion also, and we'll have some pictures of Casper soon. I hear he looks like Cody, but black and white... thus the name Casper-  :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

the beauty of a filly growing quickly

Hello out there my friends, we at BernerTails just needed to share some more picture of  Babe's quickly growing filly, Hope. Some sun finally decided to peek out between snow storms and our girls got to enjoy the beautiful day. Look at those long legs...she's going to be tall like her beautiful mother.
you can see her royal spirit in her eyes?

~ btw: notice how in all our pictures Babe always seems to be eating?...
that's because she loves to eat! 
many arguments between her and the other mares have started as to just how
 many of the feed piles belong to her and the "one" that  is "theirs" to share. ha!~

happy weekend to all!

[all photos property of T & V Stables.]

Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter !

as promised here is my favorite Easter picture of Jesse with Rabbit.
after weeks of intense training, jesse earned his "ears" and became an official easter-bunny helper. 
Jesse and Rabbit had some good times always planning where to hide the eggs and surprises.

have a joyous and beautiful 
Easter Day from all us at BernerTails

Thursday, March 28, 2013

TieraKitty's news

lookie what M and I did for spring and the Easter holiday....
I wanted to fill it with bunnies in memory of jesse. I also have a picture of jesse wearing bunny ears, you may remember it, I think M is going post it on Sunday for Easter.  I teased him endlessly for that...meowza!

and Eileen from T&V ranch sent us a photo update of Babe and Hope... she says that little Hope has an attitude and wants to stay with her mama ... even when it's snowing.
 burrrr looks cold-not for a sunkitty like me... 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

a day to celebrate!!!!

today is a day for celebration- a sweet princess, Jesse's welsh queen, the love of his life ~ Fizz ~ is having her 4th birthday today. I know Jesse is in heaven celebrating too, he has sent down lots of licks, wags, and snuggles for a perfect day where all her wishes come true.
we love you Fizz- 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy St. Patrick's Day

happy St. Patrick's Day to all our friends, 
and you don't even have to be Irish ...
meows, woofs, and wahoos.

Friday, March 15, 2013

a filly for Babe and Crocodile Dundee

                                        She did it !

Monday night at about 11:30pm MT- jesse's equine friend, Babe, had her foal. What an achievement this was- two prior still births and one miscarriage… this sweet mare successfully foaled a filly. It was a difficult delivery but she was cared for by a terrific vet. Thanks Mike! The excitement at T & V stables and of course myself cannot even be described. This year Babe gets to hang with the rest of the Moms.
I know jessej is romping with joy too -woofrificly happy.

meet little  HOPE welcome sweet one!

jesse with Crocodile Dundee - aka: the Croc, world champion paint ... and little Hope's dad-
  with Babe's and Croc's genes this little filly promises to be absolutely beautiful!

the proud dad!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

forgotten beach journey...oops

here are some pictures i found and an adventure that was never told....omd! -

living in southern California also means you live close to a beach- as we did, about 25 miles from us they have a "dog beach" just for dogs and their pack leaders. it is terrific and fun. jesse took us to dog beach a couple of times, the first when he was younger than these pictures... he had a lot of fun but we realized that a not so fun phenomena happens when dogs drink the salty sea water.....poops galore !!!!!! i'll not describe further other than we were grateful we had sand to help give some bulk to pick it up.

of course he found a stick, there is always a stick to be found- jesse was the master of stick finding, never wanted to chase and fetch, a stick was for chewing.

making a friend with a beautiful golden retriever they got S to play with them as they ran in and out of the water...oh no don't drink it!

jesse always had a lot of fun, but being big and black, the california sun always made it very hot for our friend so we would head home after a short while.

thank you jesse for the memories