Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter !

as promised here is my favorite Easter picture of Jesse with Rabbit.
after weeks of intense training, jesse earned his "ears" and became an official easter-bunny helper. 
Jesse and Rabbit had some good times always planning where to hide the eggs and surprises.

have a joyous and beautiful 
Easter Day from all us at BernerTails

Thursday, March 28, 2013

TieraKitty's news

lookie what M and I did for spring and the Easter holiday....
I wanted to fill it with bunnies in memory of jesse. I also have a picture of jesse wearing bunny ears, you may remember it, I think M is going post it on Sunday for Easter.  I teased him endlessly for that...meowza!

and Eileen from T&V ranch sent us a photo update of Babe and Hope... she says that little Hope has an attitude and wants to stay with her mama ... even when it's snowing.
 burrrr looks cold-not for a sunkitty like me... 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

a day to celebrate!!!!

today is a day for celebration- a sweet princess, Jesse's welsh queen, the love of his life ~ Fizz ~ is having her 4th birthday today. I know Jesse is in heaven celebrating too, he has sent down lots of licks, wags, and snuggles for a perfect day where all her wishes come true.
we love you Fizz- 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy St. Patrick's Day

happy St. Patrick's Day to all our friends, 
and you don't even have to be Irish ...
meows, woofs, and wahoos.

Friday, March 15, 2013

a filly for Babe and Crocodile Dundee

                                        She did it !

Monday night at about 11:30pm MT- jesse's equine friend, Babe, had her foal. What an achievement this was- two prior still births and one miscarriage… this sweet mare successfully foaled a filly. It was a difficult delivery but she was cared for by a terrific vet. Thanks Mike! The excitement at T & V stables and of course myself cannot even be described. This year Babe gets to hang with the rest of the Moms.
I know jessej is romping with joy too -woofrificly happy.

meet little  HOPE welcome sweet one!

jesse with Crocodile Dundee - aka: the Croc, world champion paint ... and little Hope's dad-
  with Babe's and Croc's genes this little filly promises to be absolutely beautiful!

the proud dad!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

forgotten beach journey...oops

here are some pictures i found and an adventure that was never told....omd! -

living in southern California also means you live close to a beach- as we did, about 25 miles from us they have a "dog beach" just for dogs and their pack leaders. it is terrific and fun. jesse took us to dog beach a couple of times, the first when he was younger than these pictures... he had a lot of fun but we realized that a not so fun phenomena happens when dogs drink the salty sea water.....poops galore !!!!!! i'll not describe further other than we were grateful we had sand to help give some bulk to pick it up.

of course he found a stick, there is always a stick to be found- jesse was the master of stick finding, never wanted to chase and fetch, a stick was for chewing.

making a friend with a beautiful golden retriever they got S to play with them as they ran in and out of the water...oh no don't drink it!

jesse always had a lot of fun, but being big and black, the california sun always made it very hot for our friend so we would head home after a short while.

thank you jesse for the memories

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deshka is here!!!

Deshka the new puppy over at Berntoak has arrived.... she is adorable, came by train all the way from spain...and even got to go through the "chunnel" between france and england- wow M and I are so excited. 

pop on over and see the cute video of Fizz and her new sister. 

congratulations Mummy and Fizz- 
                                M got so excited she had tears of joy in her eyes--

Monday, March 4, 2013

right on schedule...with the help of bunny & friends

rabbit, bear, and bunny helped me box up our special package and get it ready to pop into the post.  In the post it went.... now the clock ticks- we know it will make it in time for the princess's birthday, maybe even by the arrival of her new sister too! we'll have to see. bunny talked to the postman and told him the last time we used his service he made our special friends worry. this time he gave a "scent trail" to keeps tabs on the box- yippie~

(btw: UPS- wow they wanted a queen's fortune to make sure it got where we wanted)