Monday, March 4, 2013

right on schedule...with the help of bunny & friends

rabbit, bear, and bunny helped me box up our special package and get it ready to pop into the post.  In the post it went.... now the clock ticks- we know it will make it in time for the princess's birthday, maybe even by the arrival of her new sister too! we'll have to see. bunny talked to the postman and told him the last time we used his service he made our special friends worry. this time he gave a "scent trail" to keeps tabs on the box- yippie~

(btw: UPS- wow they wanted a queen's fortune to make sure it got where we wanted)


  1. OOooo! That's a BIG box. Can't wait, it's gonna be a great month, a new puppy & turning 4yrs old. A big girl & a big sister.
    Bunnie is being really good, looking after everything for Jesse, give him a big cuddle from me, I bet he's missing Jesse lots too.
    Big snuggles & licks

  2. We hope it arrives speedily. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly