Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prince Cody is here!

Zilla had her colt, a smart little stallion named Cody! congratulations mama, job well done. Both of the ladies that spend time at our ranch are happy moms. I think it was some "magical woofs" that jesse gave to them when he was out there. You can be sure we will see that they get special treats for mother's day. We are planning on going out to the ranch soon, I can't wait to see them up close...and give them a good snuggle.

 36 hours old, born April 9th during a huge snow storm---

......Vickie also had her little stallion also, and we'll have some pictures of Casper soon. I hear he looks like Cody, but black and white... thus the name Casper-  :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

the beauty of a filly growing quickly

Hello out there my friends, we at BernerTails just needed to share some more picture of  Babe's quickly growing filly, Hope. Some sun finally decided to peek out between snow storms and our girls got to enjoy the beautiful day. Look at those long legs...she's going to be tall like her beautiful mother.
you can see her royal spirit in her eyes?

~ btw: notice how in all our pictures Babe always seems to be eating?...
that's because she loves to eat! 
many arguments between her and the other mares have started as to just how
 many of the feed piles belong to her and the "one" that  is "theirs" to share. ha!~

happy weekend to all!

[all photos property of T & V Stables.]