Monday, June 3, 2013

the last of the T & V Stables little ones

congratulations to T&V Stables on their newest addition to the "foals of 2013." Reebok, not due until next week, surprisingly had little "Puma" in the night all by herself.

Here is what Eileen wrote:
Reebok, the last mare to foal, fooled us..this her first baby, that wasn't due until next week. Reebok showed absolutely no signs, no bag,  no change of shape, still ate like a horse, no milk to test,  ect etc etc. We checked her late Thursday night...all was quiet.... however, Friday morning, Jim found little Puma happy and dry, drinking and cantering about when we got there early to feed everyone.
Puma, 18 hours old...just beautiful.

we are heading out to the ranch Wednesday and I am very excited to see all the new babies up close. I know that my heart will be heavy in missing Jesse, but I will carry his memory along with me so he may enjoy the little ones too.