Sunday, August 18, 2013

black and white sunday ~

while strolling around the "dog blog world" to see what our friends were up to I noticed there was a recurrent theme for sunday postings...  here is my submission ............. she smiles!
of course it is pretty easy when you have a gray haired white woman wearing a black shirt and hat while sitting next to a black and white mountain dog..... hahahahahaha!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

a great big hello and hope everyone is woofunderful!

again, it's been nearly ages since we have been here. tiera is doing great, getting older and enjoying the
summer heat and sunshine.

 S and I decided to take a little holiday up to our camping spot near the Gorgonio Wilderness. yes there were a few tears of remembering our friend jesse j but we also decided to make a special tribute to his favorite spots.

when jesse and i would go geodogg'n (geocaching) we would always leave a little "token"; kind of our "we were here" sign to add to the treasure boxes.

so, S and I found three wonderful places that the pooch would love as we
hiked and left one of his tokens at each. one with a waterfall and pond even had a small little fish in was perfect! jesse absolutely loved to play with fish in the small pools as he refreshed himself during our long hikes.


i also found some forgotten photos still in the big camera (that had not been used since our last trip with jesse.) here are a couple favorites from that batch taken at Big Bear Lake last year.

he played long and hard with his buds and was a really pooped-pooch,
but still managed to give me a smile

just a little side note to my friends who are use to leaving comments here unhampered. you will now see i have to moderate the comments. it appears that an "anonymous spammer" is leaving inappropriate comments and links - i apologize to my friends.