Thursday, April 10, 2014

thank you my little friend ~ one more post for BernerTails

Tiera Sharmai
1994 ~ 2014

Of all the feline friends we have had the joy to have walked our path with us, bah-bah T, will leave the heaviest paw prints. She involved herself in our lives from the day we brought the sweet little kitten home to a family of two Chows, and a gentle mountain cat. Tiera established her role immediately; it was her personal goal to oversee everything from cleaning the house, to when we ate, to how long we slept, always reminding us just “who” the queen was. A seven pound Abyssinian that would bully around a one-hundred twenty-five pound Bernese Mountain dog, even kicking him off of his cookie mat if the sun happened to be shinning there when she wanted a nap. She loved to sleep in the sun, she lived to sleep in the sun, her African roots were obvious. She loved her heated bed in the winter time. And she gave me many a frustrating moment with her antics (those who know her know of her ability to regurgitate-at-will just to prove the point she was in control of your life if you happened to forget.) Nevertheless, she gave me many fun and happy memories over the twenty years I served her... she will be missed.

thank you for sharing your soul with mine, baby t

I never knew just how much she really loved Jesse
 until after his rainbow journey and I found her
 in a moment of remembrance with one of his toys. 

this is the first time in forty-one years that our home will be without either a fish, frog, cat, or dog- however, we have decided to still wait until the time to move to Colorado permanently;  although.... you know how life is...if it says you need this "special soul" will give it to you now~