Wednesday, September 24, 2014

my first week

 Hi everyone, meow,it has been a week and a half since i came to live in my new home. it is really meowtastic. M told me all about past kitties and pups they have had, i can smell jessej and tiera around the house and wish i could have met them. M has a bunny that was jesse's in her study and i got to play with it a little. but my favorite toy is some feathers on a bendable is purrfect. i am a little over weight having been in a little cage for a couple of months and just having had kittens, but M and S are making me exercise.

M also introduced me to all the fun sites were friends are, mainly pooches, but that's okay because they look like really fun friends to know. and she says that pretty soon i may have a berner pup to train and play with...meowrific!

 And guess what? The garden is full of wildlife...birds, bunnies, and even squirrels too! i love to watch them come and eat after M fills all their bowls and feeders. 

Today i got to go outside, supervised of course, 
after everyone left and had a totally pawsome time exploring. 
 yummie smells...shhhh don't let M know
 a tree, a real tree to climb and scratch on- 
 and lots of bushes to explore and hide in
 it has been a most wonderful day, 
 now it is naptime, talk to everyone soon, 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

update to new furiend

Sammie changed her name from Breezey because, she says "mew home, mew life, gets a mew name." 

so.... here's Samantha- aka: Sammie 

meet Samantha

meet Samantha, once known as Breezey, our newest family member. Sammie needed a furever home, which I am delighted that she has chosen us. She has just arrived and is exploring her new abode and getting to know us. and... I think she may help bring BernerTails back to life...
 Samantha --- Sammie