Tuesday, October 14, 2014

how to train M

i brought M my string this morning ... she laughs and says go and eat something.

 "i don't want to eat. i want to play with my string," i meow'd. what did she do? laughed some more and kept reading her emails.

humph! we gotta failure to communicate; doesn't she know that MY PLAY TIME is the most important time of the day and is a 24/7 event.

i can see we have some serious training to do here....suggestions would be welcome


  1. Yep these humans get distracted during playtime. You just can't get good staff these days LOL. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. She not only didn't play with you, she took the time to haul out the flashy beast instead of playing with you!! You need to go poop in her shoes.

    1. oooo, you are a sneaky one, good to know you are on my team... meow

  3. Hmm I would definitely say you need to get those paws of yours on the keyboard... then she'd have to play with you!

    We normally stick our noses in front of M & D's screens till they give up..

    Woofs and Licks
    Cadbury & Maverick

  4. meow- great idea! also found out a single claw in the right spot gets a response...LOL