Thursday, January 22, 2015

just too funny not to share

you know how M and S are always snickering about my wider-than-necessary girth? well, take a look at this little guy. M saw this posted on Facebook and i thought it was just too funny not to share here.... you gotta feel a little sorry for him, bet he has a heck of a tummy ache-- meowza!

don't waste yours or my time. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

  Happy Sunday, and it is a "sunny day" here in southern california- many of you i know live is cold and snowy areas but i hope i can bring a little sunshine into your day. (also, a day is coming where i too will be trudging through snow- meow)

i am so happy here in my new furever home with M and S, they are great. i have all sorts of toys to play with- M calls them my exercisers, not sure what that is, but they are fun. they have made several areas for me to sleep, and i have one "secret spot" that they haven't discovered yet. ha! i have lived here for four months now and know that i will never be abandoned again, i feel the love all around me.

so here are a few pics i got M to take to show you my fun and wonderful life here in my furever home with M & S.
M says this is my "why Sammie needs exercise toys"
 photo- don't know why she would say that- do you
feathers and string are my favorite things to
play with- and i am darn good catching both
i have a soft pet pad that i can scrunch, kick, and bite-
 they slip my toys underneath and let me go to town
for christmas they bought me a TREE--to climb,
it is so much fun! i had to take level by level
 at first, i wasn't use to climbing. but M said
 "you are a cat and it is your nature to climb,
 so get off your butt and go to the top."
so... i did- it is spectacular up here... i see everything!
every morning i get to go outside and
explore while M fills the bird dishes
i'm in here..i love this spot! it is my secret garden place
M likes this photo, she says
 i look like a real wild cat
this is my favorite-
she says there is something wrong with this picture.
i know....there are no birds....meow
 best of all.....
i have a special travel house that i have been learning to go on "road trips." it expands to add my kitty-box or stay smaller for just a quick ride. M says it is so i can travel with them to Colorado and back. she says i am an excellent traveler, just an occasional meow when they ask how i am doing. the longest trip so far was two hours, i will say i was kind of glad to get home, but had fun being with my family. 

 well, i will let everyone go on with their day- i hope you enjoyed this- i will make sure M lets me have the computer more often so there isn't so many pictures at a time.
nap time after posting my pictures- have a great day.

Monday, January 12, 2015

i'm here....honest

hi everyone, i am here, and have been a very-very busy kittie with lots of adventures, pictures... and a special surprise project i have been working on- you'll see it if you look on the sidebar to your right.   i will have my paws on the keyboard this week...i puromise !

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