Sunday, December 27, 2015

holy mousies, has it been a year?

hello everyone.... Samantha here,  i am so sorry that i haven't posted anything for nearly a year- whew time flys, especially when you keep chasing and trying to catch it. well, to say the least i have been extrememly busy- i helped Mrs. Squirrel raise her 9, yes 9, kits in the spring and then went to colorado to the ranch for three months, (even saw it snow). and the most exciting....while there, i was made the Commissioner of Rodent Activity. the tales are endless, so, i promise that over the next few months i will entertain you with lots of fun. 

Have a meowrific New Year and see you then
Samantha in her Commissioner of Rodent Acitivity lookout post - Colorado


  1. Merry Christmouse & a Happy New Year to you all.
    JesseJ, I have a secret to tell you, I'm no longer afraid of the dishwasher. Don't go telling the K.I.T as it was with her help that I have overcome my fear & I don't like her to know she's been good as it makes her head get bigger & she thinks she's invincible. (don't forget to wait for me over the Rainbow Bridge, I don't know if my dream bones are getting through to you but I'm trying real hard)
    Lots of luvs & licks
    Fizz (& the K.I.T)

  2. It's grreat to see you again, Samantha! Don't be a stranger.

    1. hi ya Casey, M and I do pop in to see you ever so often, I will try and get M to be better, but you know how pack-leaders are... hard to train. You and yours have a bartastic New Years !!!

    2. oh yes forgot, we recommend your book every chance we get- it is woofunderful. mewo, samantha