Sunday, December 25, 2016

happy holiday's furends

wishing all our paw'd furends and their Pack Leaders a most wonderful 
Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

Thursday, December 22, 2016

gypsy's surprise....

Happy Solstice & Yule, Happy Holidays,
 Merry Christmas everyone!

 just popping in to tell you about the surprise M made me. i knew she was up to something...hearing strange sounds from the garage and barn, making trips into town to the hardware store (a 3 hour event i might add due to us living so far from any towns) but i did get to go inside the hardware stores- yippee. she was very good at keeping what she bought hidden from me. i think she distracted me by grabbing a new kong critter or treat bag which kept my attention off her. with all that, here is what she made me- i love it! -it's barktastic! woof, woof, howl

M feels that having our feeding bowls just a little off the floor height is healthy for us, she tried several heights until we found just the right one for me. i was content....but not M, she had other plans.  :) U..U

thank you M!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

work'n hard? hum~


what does a Commissioner of Rodent Activity do all day in the wintertime while all those 'rodents' are tucked away in their little rodent lairs sleeping off the winter chill?

let me show you just what she does......all day long
(M snickers)

here she has enlisted the help of her Lieutenant
seriously M ?!
i am storing energy for the spring "rodent rush"

oh yea, Sam.I.Am, you look like you've been "storing something," 
and it's more than just energy.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Barkday Deshka

 our bestest friend- Deshka : aka K.i.T  is having a Barkday today and we are sending her a hundred smooches, licks, meows and barks to tell her 

have a pawtastic day!!!!


here is a link to Fizz and Deshka page
Berntoak Bernese Mountain Dogs

Saturday, November 26, 2016

snow cat

no, no i am not taking about that horrid mechanical creature that transports humans over the snow... i am talking about the world's best....
Snow Cat... 
me! meow

   yes, i love the snow too, M posted a bunch of pictures of Gypsy playing in the snow, so i decided to post some of my own... of the world's greatest Snow Cat.

i like playing in the snow, but my paws do get darn chilly
i am still responsible for fulfilling my duties as
- Commissioner of Rodent Activity -
leaving my print on the ranch's snow trails
guess i should post this one too, it is my print and Gypsy's
Samantha & the G
we'll have lots more fun snow pictures of gypsy and me in the future i am sure, until then, have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

being a Pack Leader

ok-ok, M, we got the "picture of the gals in the snow" 
now let us play play play 
woof ~ meow ~ woof ~ meow.
you need to shorten the camera timer M, takes too long
seriously... do we really need to do this now! meowza

(they weren't being very cooperative)

Friday, November 18, 2016

i'm growing and it's snowing

see.... i told you i was getting bigger and better. had a great barkday, but sadly M took away another couple of toys because i have also gone from being a light chewer to a very aggressive chewer. still haven't begun to tear out the stuffing... but i have eaten all the ears and tails off my stuffies. so, i am now left with rubber or hard toys.

 Even hedge is sitting up on the bookcase and is only for "supervised" play. 

and you know what she did!? i can't believe she did this...she actually took one of my toys from my mouth...and the tail i chewed off and lead me over to the trash barrel and toss it in. she just tossed it right in the trash, right in front of me, and walked away... 
    omd! she threw it away. 
                  (a note from M: did this a couple of times with Jesse when he destroyed toys and he never chewed up one worked.)

august 2016 ~ 4 months old           november 2016 ~ 6 months old

and guess what else? it SNOWED yesterday, it was so much fun M let me go outside and play in it. she got me a snow jacket but didn't know what it was for until now-- i was so warm and dry when i finally came back inside.

and, and the deer were grazing in the snow covered field and i got to chase them.... took off before M had a chance to stop me. BARK BARK- she had to get on her shoes and a coat and her hat.... WOOF WOOF it was so much fun. but i came right back when i heard M's whistle, like a good girl and even got a treat!

this was just when it was starting to snow; but, this morning, snow everywhere and M let me run around and play. it was so barking much fun! i even got to bite at the snowflakes.

didn't get and pictures but i think we are going to have lots of snow to play in and pictures to take.

okay, so I got a little cold playing outside this morning. nope didn't have on my jacket :(
 M let me snuggle on the couch on her blankie and it was nice!

and...where was Samantha during all this running around in the snow this morning? 
M says Samie was the smart one, staying curled up in her bed just across from the propane heater....

"crazy Berner, you need to
wait for the sun to come out"

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

i'm 6 months !!!!

hey furiends- guess what? i am 6 months today
M says it's a barkday
- bark bark woof and a howl too! 

my OPO
it's been a barktastic day so far. i was a little sad yesterday because M took away a few of my toys. she said that i had outgrown them or worse yet.... chewed them too oblivion.

i do like chewing off the ears and tails of my stuffies... but i don't take out the stuffing, nope i don't do that.  my favorite was Opo, my opossum, but M started calling it my Opo, saying because i chewed off its tail it was only part opossum now.  hehe-woof worked for me and Opo.

then... this morning when we woke up.. i couldn 't believe it... there was a whole bunch of new toys and, and, stuffies, and i could hardly stand still, and they were all mine... not Samie's or M's... but MINE!

i love barkdays - i want one every day!

i got a rubber chew stick called a "gnabbers" 
and some chew rings
and a pink pig that has pull ropes at each end, and when you pull them it squeaks !!!  
love them squeakie thingies! 
(shhh, don't tell M, but pig has already lost her ears, oops~ she didn't need them.)

but i think my favorite of all is:
i love hedge, he says he loves me too, as much as Opo did.

 most of all ~ I LOVE M