Thursday, October 13, 2016

BernerTail's family has grown

wahoo! hello everyone, Samantha here, and i have some pawsone news for you- BernerTails is back (for sure this time) and we have two new members of the MouseyTear Team. Gypsy, a somewhat nuisance of a puppy, but will make an excellent Lieutenant to my team...once she stops chasing me; and Jake, an Egyptian Mau Prince, or so he professes.

it has been so long since i have been here, so much has happened over the past year, i think we will post a few stories about my best adventures working up to when Gypsy and Jake joined us.

in the meantime.... here are a couple of fun pictures of the gang!
yes, even the leader of the MouseyTears needs her rest
Gypsy ready to come home, she wasn't this tiny for long
hold that photo shot, a Prince needs to be his best.



  1. We've missed you! It sounds like you've got some grreat new additions to the family. We can't wait to get to know everyone.

    1. hi Casey, good to be back. and I missed you, well here at least, I do keep track of your exploits on your site. hugs and snuggles, see you soon. Samie!

  2. Hello & welcome back. I have missed you all so much. Love the new crew.
    Now I will await all your wonderful tails. Big licks & snuggles to you all & if you see JesseJ's spirit, or feel him, give him some snuggles from me.

    1. Jesse's spirit is with us all day here at the ranch, and he thinks of you often as does M. smooches to you and KIT. now, I know how you felt when she arrived.... geeze, training a's tough work, it is. Hugs Your Highness. Samie ^..^