Tuesday, November 15, 2016

i'm 6 months !!!!

hey furiends- guess what? i am 6 months today
M says it's a barkday
- bark bark woof and a howl too! 

my OPO
it's been a barktastic day so far. i was a little sad yesterday because M took away a few of my toys. she said that i had outgrown them or worse yet.... chewed them too oblivion.

i do like chewing off the ears and tails of my stuffies... but i don't take out the stuffing, nope i don't do that.  my favorite was Opo, my opossum, but M started calling it my Opo, saying because i chewed off its tail it was only part opossum now.  hehe-woof worked for me and Opo.

then... this morning when we woke up.. i couldn 't believe it... there was a whole bunch of new toys and, and, stuffies, and i could hardly stand still, and they were all mine... not Samie's or M's... but MINE!

i love barkdays - i want one every day!

i got a rubber chew stick called a "gnabbers" 
and some chew rings
and a pink pig that has pull ropes at each end, and when you pull them it squeaks !!!  
love them squeakie thingies! 
(shhh, don't tell M, but pig has already lost her ears, oops~ she didn't need them.)

but i think my favorite of all is:
i love hedge, he says he loves me too, as much as Opo did.

 most of all ~ I LOVE M


  1. Happy barkday puppy dog!!!! Sardines for effuryone!!!


  2. Happy 6 monthday! What a huge milestone for a pup!

  3. Happy half barkday my furiend. Looks like you had a PAWsome day. Wish I had been there.
    You make sure you really work that snow, roll in it, eat it and of course bring it indoors with you when you have finished playing.
    Sending lots of licks UUUUU

    1. I will your Highness, M has told me all about you and how much you and Jesse loved each other. I love you to, and your sissy, the KIT. woof. xxxoooxxx