Friday, November 18, 2016

i'm growing and it's snowing

see.... i told you i was getting bigger and better. had a great barkday, but sadly M took away another couple of toys because i have also gone from being a light chewer to a very aggressive chewer. still haven't begun to tear out the stuffing... but i have eaten all the ears and tails off my stuffies. so, i am now left with rubber or hard toys.

 Even hedge is sitting up on the bookcase and is only for "supervised" play. 

and you know what she did!? i can't believe she did this...she actually took one of my toys from my mouth...and the tail i chewed off and lead me over to the trash barrel and toss it in. she just tossed it right in the trash, right in front of me, and walked away... 
    omd! she threw it away. 
                  (a note from M: did this a couple of times with Jesse when he destroyed toys and he never chewed up one worked.)

august 2016 ~ 4 months old           november 2016 ~ 6 months old

and guess what else? it SNOWED yesterday, it was so much fun M let me go outside and play in it. she got me a snow jacket but didn't know what it was for until now-- i was so warm and dry when i finally came back inside.

and, and the deer were grazing in the snow covered field and i got to chase them.... took off before M had a chance to stop me. BARK BARK- she had to get on her shoes and a coat and her hat.... WOOF WOOF it was so much fun. but i came right back when i heard M's whistle, like a good girl and even got a treat!

this was just when it was starting to snow; but, this morning, snow everywhere and M let me run around and play. it was so barking much fun! i even got to bite at the snowflakes.

didn't get and pictures but i think we are going to have lots of snow to play in and pictures to take.

okay, so I got a little cold playing outside this morning. nope didn't have on my jacket :(
 M let me snuggle on the couch on her blankie and it was nice!

and...where was Samantha during all this running around in the snow this morning? 
M says Samie was the smart one, staying curled up in her bed just across from the propane heater....

"crazy Berner, you need to
wait for the sun to come out"


  1. OM, you are soooooo cute!!!!
    We are the SAME colours but you are WAAAAAAY bigger than me
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. woofs Princess Leah, welcome to BernerTails!!! i may be big but i bet you are prettier... being a real Princess. πŸΆπŸ‘‘

  2. She threw away your TOY?! But it's YOURS!! How DARE she!!!

    1. she did Casey...threw it right out in from of me and everything....whine...i only wanted to eat the ears and tails. pooch smooches to your pack- G

  3. OMD! I can't believe she threw your toy away. Oh dear, doesn't she know it means they are well loved.
    Hopefully you will get some more for Yuletide. You go enjoy that snow, it's PAWsome stuff.

    1. Fizz you need to help me convince her "tossing out toys is against the rules" you are so beautiful, hope i grow up like you- woofs Gypsy