Sunday, November 13, 2016

let's Welcome Oliver


      very good friend of M's has just been gifted
              with a new puppy and his name is:

              ~ oliver ~                
who you say'n has big ears.....

Born August 30th, Oliver arrived at his new home last Wednesday and set himself right at home. His Pack Leader, Neddy, says "he may look gruff and tough, but he is really a sweety-pie" ...shhhh, don't tell Oliver i said that.

As a French Bulldog, Oliver plans on being the best protector of his new home. Don't let his new toy "Fish" fool you.... it can be vicious and is a very good training tool for attack and concur.

Have fun in your new home Oliver and remember...just a few pointers from me ~ a recently graduated "new puppy."

  • "Oliver No!" is just a temporary name that Pack Leaders always seem use to learn your name. 
  • "Leave it!" ok, ok... this one you need to learn... it means LEAVE IT ALONE! and for some reason Pack Leaders always get mad if you don't.
  • "Drop It!" better pay attention to this one too, you probably have something in your mouth that doesn't belong.
  • "NOT YOURS!" oops, better let that go, it belongs to the Pack Leaders and they are very possessive... they'll show you what is yours, then take that and run before they change their minds. BOL
  • "Oliver Come"... ooooh, do it, there is usually a treat at the end of that command.
  • "Sit" this ones gets a treat too, silly thing really, but if a treat is involved, it is worth it.
  • "NO, bite!" if you are playing with your pack leaders and they suddenly stop playing and turn their backs on you.... that means you are being too rough..they are tender beings. That is why we are here to protect them. Licking usually gets the game on again.

 don't worry Oliver, just follow these simple rules
 and then you can begin to train your Pack Leaders Woof!

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