Wednesday, November 2, 2016

mountain life

good morning everyone- Samantha here just to give you a little update as to how our "ranch and mountain" life is going. it is getting very cold here and i seek out every opportunity when it is warm to get outside before the "real cold" sets in as M says it will. she also said we may have days and days where we are stuck inside. OMK- inside all day with my pesky sister Gypsy... the horrors....

the path between the big house
and cabin.... love walking in the sunshine
hahaha, i am lying smack-dab on top of
Gypsy's bully stick.... hahahahaha
M felt bad for her so she gave Gypsy
her first pig-ear.... she not real sure about this
new chewy thing. (i still have her bully hehe)
Gypsy and M go out hiking in the woods every
day... she is looking a little less like a puppy.
 hum, use to be smaller than me...
is she going to stop growing? geeze
i get to go with them sometimes,
it is a lot of fun. until the "G"
gets frisky and decides i am for
chasing. then M let's me smack her a
good one!

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