Saturday, November 26, 2016

snow cat

no, no i am not taking about that horrid mechanical creature that transports humans over the snow... i am talking about the world's best....
Snow Cat... 
me! meow

   yes, i love the snow too, M posted a bunch of pictures of Gypsy playing in the snow, so i decided to post some of my own... of the world's greatest Snow Cat.

i like playing in the snow, but my paws do get darn chilly
i am still responsible for fulfilling my duties as
- Commissioner of Rodent Activity -
leaving my print on the ranch's snow trails
guess i should post this one too, it is my print and Gypsy's
Samantha & the G
we'll have lots more fun snow pictures of gypsy and me in the future i am sure, until then, have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. 


  1. You enjoy that snow Sammie, we don't get much here so I envy you. I do love the snow so much. Give big licks to Gypsy & your mum from all of us here. We love you all.

    1. i will wish for snow for you Princess Fizz- i'll ask those fairies to send just enough for you and your sister to romp and play. meow!