Thursday, December 22, 2016

gypsy's surprise....

Happy Solstice & Yule, Happy Holidays,
 Merry Christmas everyone!

 just popping in to tell you about the surprise M made me. i knew she was up to something...hearing strange sounds from the garage and barn, making trips into town to the hardware store (a 3 hour event i might add due to us living so far from any towns) but i did get to go inside the hardware stores- yippee. she was very good at keeping what she bought hidden from me. i think she distracted me by grabbing a new kong critter or treat bag which kept my attention off her. with all that, here is what she made me- i love it! -it's barktastic! woof, woof, howl

M feels that having our feeding bowls just a little off the floor height is healthy for us, she tried several heights until we found just the right one for me. i was content....but not M, she had other plans.  :) U..U

thank you M!

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  1. Oh, that's lovely!! Jessie and I both have raised feeders too. We feel very awkward if we have to eat off the FLOOR like animals.