Saturday, January 28, 2017

a new furiend...and she could be a twin

hey Furiends! i got a an internet sister, we look like twins. and guess what? she is a Princess, a real live Princess. Just like our long time furiend, and Jesse's love, Princess Fizz and her sister the K.iT. (knight in training) over at Berntoak Bernese Mountain Dogs

Princess Leah is so barktatsic, and she has such fun adventures. i want to add her to the "MouseyTears Team" but Samantha says she lives too far away to be a team member on the ranch. maybe we can make her an Ambassador for us. i like the idea, we will discuss it at the next MouseyTears meeting. until then everyone needs to pop over to her Royal Castle and have a peek see.

sweetness like this can only be Royal. 

have a gurrrreat week everyone!


  1. Woof Gypsy! Princess Leah is a furend of mine so when she woofed about you I came over to your blog. I can see that you are a grrreat dog so I am now following you. I live in Vancouver, Canada, with a kitty named Hazuzu. I hope we can be furends!
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  2. Hi Gypsy! Leah are a pawsome pup, aren't she?

  3. Hiya sweet Sis. I'm scoffing my milky bones as fast as I can persuade the peeps to give them to me and I hope to grow BIG just like you!
    Have a great weekend
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Princess Leah is pretty pawesome. You two DO look alike!!