Friday, January 20, 2017

i've got a new furiend~ he's the Handsomius

Gypsy showing off her cool look,  BOL

hi everyone, had to pop in and tell you about a new furiend that we just met.  His name is

  Maximus Handsomius...

and he is so very on his name and give him a bark. i am sure he'll have some fun tails to tell living all the way in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia- where it is really really cold. burrrrrrrr.

welcome, Max


  1. I is luffing that COOL look Gypsy, you sure are ROCKING those shades!
    Just popping over to see MH
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Good morning everyone. It is still dark in Cape Breton. The Big Guy let me "borrow" his keyboard so that I could type this little message.

    It's nice to have friends from away.

    Although it's a bit far for a play date. The Big Guy said it would be a few days travel in the car.

    The farthest I have been is from Northern New Brunswick, where I was born, to my forever home in Cape Breton.

    I gotta get my blog done, so I gotta run for now.


  3. He's definitely a handsome guy! Hiya, Max!