Tuesday, January 10, 2017

a visit from S

S has been living in CA with Jake while we are out here at the ranch, M says he needs to finish with some things before they come here next year. i can't wait, but in the meantime, S got to come visit over the New Year and we had lots of barktastic fun. first thing was to take him on one of our 'snow walkies" it was a beautiful, but chilly day, perfect!

S was enjoying the sunshine after our snow walkies when i decided he needed to get some genuine


surprise, surprise, made him laugh, 

woof woof woof......

it was such a nice weather while he was here that even Samantha got to go outside with S- i stayed on the porch with M so they could enjoy their together time.

GAME: can you find Samantha in these two photos..... no wonder she is such a good hunter...she "blends" bark,bark,bark!

but alas S had to go back to CA, Jake was missing him something fierce
please, S, come home 
Cynthia is taking very good care of me, but i miss you!
M says we'll all be together soon; but in the meantime M, play with me and hippo...