furiends~ here and abroad

and no i don't mean....spiders...ha! although i do like spiders, they are fun to watch running across the porch

Cadbury lives Scotland with his pack leaders M & D and is an agility dog. doesn't he look like he could make a run through an obstacle course with lightening speed. my M loves his color, she says it's choc-o-lattie.

visit cadbury at his own blog:   A Chocolate World

                            Sheba and Cody-

they have a great site called sheba's life story, I love reading all their  adventures, and they have a "blog hop" too!

meet Milo & Jet- 
Milo is a chocolate labrador and of course "puppy" Jet is ...black, they live in a small town in Australia and are the friends of a beautiful young pack leader named Ross. Jet is new to the family and you will have lots of fun reading all about Milo, Jet, & Ross's adventures a blog filled with great pictures and stories 
say hi to Garth- my newest internet bud.

My name is Garth Riley and I'm a yellow English Labrador Retriever.  I will be five years old in August.  I was supposed to be a show dog, but when I became full grown, I turned out to be too short.  Just about the time my Grandma Shar was looking for the perfect new home for me, my mom- and dad-to-be made the decision that they were ready for another dog.  (They had lost their black lab Jake and they had needed some time before they were ready to be puppy parents again.)  Mom and dad came to meet me, and I went bounding out of the house to greet them, and a week later I went to live with them.  I'm really glad I was too short to be a show dog, because I have a GREAT life as an everyday-dog.  I get to go on lots of hikes, learn tricks, and visit people in hospitals and nursing homes and make them smile. 

visit Garth's adventures at:
at the Plark

jesse loved going to the little park near our den, M and him would go early in the morning when no one is there, run around and play to his hearts content...or too exhausted to play any more. he had been going there since he was 4 months old, they called their pack leaders the - dog moms.

M has a song she sings as they were heading there:   (sing to the tune of "Strolling to through the Park")

jesse's going to the plark today
with his little buds he'll play
they'll jump and run
have a lot of fun
play'n at the plark toooodaaaay!  bark bark!


Augie Dogie, jesse's best "stop by and see me" friend. Augie and pack leader, Kara, stop by on their walks and he always shared his treats!  He's a really terrific dog and he is a "rescue"...we like that.


my best chase me buddy- pack leader- Colleen


Tessie has always been the matriarch of our Plark group. She and her pack leader, Leslie, are wonderful. Tessie and Banner sometimes take Leslie and Sandy to Starbuck's after we have had a plark; sometimes M joins them and we all sit outside and enjoy the morning. 

Banner & Cloe

Banner is a working dog, she is a "Leader Dog" for her pack leader Sandy. Banner helps Sandy to go places she would not be able, she is her eyes. I love Banner, sometimes after we have played at the plark, M & I take them home. I am always the gentleman and get out of the car first to help Banner down and then hop back in, it's tradition. (first thing Banner does getting in the car is to look for M's stuffed kangaroo carscot; M's always dashes inside to grab it before Banner. Ha!)

Cloe was my first plark friend; and my mentor when I was a pup-  Cloe helped Sandy before Banner. I will always remember her. She was beautiful and gentle.


I love Peanut, we have a special bond...bunnies. However, Peanut's love of bunnies is not quite the same as mine. I love the chase... Peanut loves to graze on bunnie poop at the plark...yep you heard me right, even more than playing. you may think that is strange, nope, i have been know to hit a pile of horse droppings in my day, much better tasting than bunnie poop, but not according to Peanut. Pack leader Angie, she is a sweetheart, i love Angie.


dakota is a little shy, especially around me; but she loves to run and play with tosha. i think she is beautiful


 My very good friend Newman McLovin--
 I have known this "Newfie" since he was knee high to me....ha!
 now just over a 1 yr he out weighs even me! ~yea, now that's a real dog!~

the Therapy group
meet (l-r) Dr Beau, Dr Chance, Dr. Hunter, & Ladybug. These wonderful 'rescued dogs' go around to hospitals to help children and other cancer patients. They bring loving fun to an otherwise dismal day. Pack leader, Lois, is also a RN in an emergency dept.