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CatLitter Bags repurposed into Grocery Bags
use it just like a paper grocery bag
re'memba them...?
In the past all of our cats have been outside "potty'ers", even in Colorado, in the rain, snow or best of weather they fared their needs outside, which meant for me...NO cat box. However, when we moved to Southern California and with the coyotes so close by, we began keeping inside cats. After a couple of years looking for the best cat litter brand, I finally found what I considered the best. Many were eliminated just because it came in this huge plastic bottle/tub and after so many tubs, you can't find a re-use for any more. PetCo actually has a program where you simply refill the tub with their brand of litter. Okay, that is environmental enough... but the litter isn't up to my standards and what my cats liked. I did find a wonderful litter...and it is the best on the market!!!  No chemicals!!! 20 lb’s in the cat box literally (pun intended) lasts a month with daily cleaning and a few scoops of fresh to replace what was taken out.  Moreover, the price is much lower than the “foo-foo kill the cat with chemicals” brands.

Dr. Elseys' --- they have several "styles" to choose from, Tiera likes the Ultra Precious Cat.

All right, all right, "What does this have to do with Being Green?" you ask.

"The bag," I reply, "What can you do with the bags? I found a fun and great use for all those bags."

Shopping Bags-- if they are study enough to hold 40 lbs of litter...they will hold pretty much anything else. So, this week I present my new...and improved... PetStore Shopping Bags. It was simple to do and can be done to any brand that comes in a plastic bag, or even the other more paper –like styles.

just some quick and simple instructions...

start off by cutting the top of the bag to even/square the top.

get some really sturdy cardboard, here I used some from a monitor box I had, very study. find out approx the size you need- for my bags 7.5" X 9" was the best. ***

make a mark on the cardboard for middle point to match up the seam on the bottom for easier centering.

turn the bag inside out, making sure you have the corner points out and sharp. put the cardboard inside trying to center your marks with the bottom seam, fold bag so it can lay flat.  (just like it was a paper grocery bag) then fold your corners into the center, also matching the points with the center seams.  (keep cardboard inside so you can make it tight)

next, the tape, I used some super sticky and strong air-conditioning/heater duct tape I had laying around looking for a use. The first piece I put down across the bottom along the centerline, then, each corner to center. the more you use, the stronger that bottom will be.
next, measure your height, whatever you like, about 14.5", seemed best for me. fold the top down inside and then lay the bag down again with the top flat and begin taping.

turn your bag right-side out, making sure your corners are sharp and place the cardboard inside the bottom, it should fit tightly.

head off to the store and buy that kitty some special treats. Okay, the pooch too.

warning: the first time I used these at the pet store it took me an extra ten minutes to get past the register... everyone wanted to see and hear about the bags.

*** The last batch I made I use the Plexiglas plastic panels that covers florescent lighting, my work was changing them and I asked for several sheets. These are fabulous because they are much sturdier than cardboard, and if they get wet or dirty... just give them and the bag a good cleaning.
Recycle Wipe Containers for Pooch Potty Bags
 I have made several of these for friends and the best part is using recycled "wipes" tubs for the containers. You know me, if I can re-purpose or recycle something I am in heaven. These are simple to make and cost very little if you use things around the house such as old wrapping paper, sticky contact paper that is left over, you can use almost anything for your decorations. sorry for the bad photos. 

what you'll need:
1. an empty "wipes" tub, 
2. paper for your background,
3. stickers or other decorations
4. clear tape
5. acetate sheets to protect everything
     when cleaning the outside of the tub.
6. doggie bags, rolls

Cut your background and the acetate to fit and attach to the tub. I use a sticky shelving cork that adheres to the tub. You could use double sided tape or a spray glue.

Decorate your tub however you like, ribbons, photos, stickers. If you're a scrap-booker...then treat it like a page (just remember if you plan on putting an acetate cover to protect it, it needs to be flat.

When satisfied with your decorations wrap the tub with the acetate and attach the end with some "clear" tape where they meet. I also run some along the top and bottom to seal and finish. 

Fill the tub with rolls of "doggie bags." Most tubs can hold 12 rolls.

Start one of the rolls through the top, close the lid and, whalla, you are good to go. When you need a baggie, pull it out, tear it off, and smile.

I kept one of these in the back of my car so if out and about and the pooch needed to go, I just pulled out a couple of baggies and was ready when he was.

 If you purchase bagged pet foods and toss them in your recycle bin - Please read this!

Do you throw your empty pet food bags in the recycling bin? I used to until the recycling guys pointed out that dog and cat food bags can't be recycled. I didn't realize that most pet food bags were made with several layers of brown craft-type paper with at least two plastic seals sandwiched within the paper. These plastic seals mean the bag can not be recycled with the mixed paper, unless the paper has been separated from the plastic.

To remove the plastic liners so that the bag can be recycled, the bag must first be turned inside out. Once reversed, grab hold of the inner plastic liner and pull it away from the paper. After this inner liner has been removed, peel back the layers of paper until you've located the second plastic liner. Separate this liner from the remaining layers of paper as well. The paper can now be placed in the recycling bin with the mixed paper, and the seals should be disposed of in the rubbish bin.

Since it takes quite a bit of time to prepare a pet food bag for recycling, we now just save our empty dog and cat food bags to use in an assortment of practical ways around the house.
  • Shipping pouches For shipping paper items, clothing items or perishables, cat food bags make terrific waterproof mailers. I simply turn the bag inside out, pack the item inside the bag, then staple and tape shut. The mailing address can be written on the outside of the mailer with a permanent marker or on a pre-pasted address label.
  • Storage Storing greasy automotive or tractor parts? A large dog food bag is ideal for this use. Large pet food bags can also be used to wrap art objects and other breakables for transport. The waterproof liner prevents the art work from getting damaged and the multiple layers of paper provide extra padding.
  • Garden waste For gardeners, large cat or dog food bags are perfect airtight containers for collecting those noxious weeds that have no place in a compost bin; weeds such as puncture vine, Scotch and Russian thistle, field bindweed, and others. I keep an empty dog food bag in the corner of my garden shed just for these type of weeds, and close the bag with a clothes pin to prevent seed pods from escaping. Once the bag is completely full, it is stapled shut and placed it out with the rubbish for pickup.Large pet food bags can also be used to gather up thorny yard waste that ordinarily would puncture a regular trash bag.
  • Fireplace ashes When cleaning out the fireplace, a large dog food bag is a great container for holding wood ashes. The bag is strong enough to hold quite a bit of weight and can be easily carried out to the compost pile where it can be dumped and reused for another time. For families who don't compost wood ashes, the bag can be stapled shut and tossed in the garbage can.
  • To contain smelly garbage Whether it's dog droppings or spoiled food, there's some things we really don't want stinking up our garbage can. Cat food bags do an amazing job of containing odor, are practically puncture proof, and are perfect for storing smelly garbage. We roll the top of the bag closed and staple it shut to keep those smelly odors contained.
  • As a surface protector By slicing a large dog or cat food bag open along the side and bottom seam, you can create a water proof pad that measures approximately three by three feet. This is a perfect size for protecting the garage floor when changing the oil in a chain saw, lawn mower or car. I also use an opened dog food bag to protect my kitchen table when painting craft items or repotting plants.
Just because a dog or cat food bag can't be easily recycled means it has to be thrown out unused. By finding a second or even third life for those pet food bags, you'll find yourself saving money while deferring waste headed to the landfill.

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