jesse's princess, fizz. & the K.I.T

jesse j had that once in a lifetime love with a beautiful welsh princess named Seasons Sunset, aka: Fizz. she also has a sister, a knight in training, named Deshka, aka: the Goblin. they are still very much loved by M. here are some fun pictures- you can also follow their adventures at Berntoak - thier kingdom 
the Queen, with her knight in training, carrying the goods
jesse's pics of the welsh princess, now Queen--
december 2012 ~  we love you sweet princess
first snow of the year 2011
greeting on international friendship day- isn't she adorable

at a show where she took some ribbons!!! isn't she beautiful- even though she hates it on that table.

 all about Fizz
I live in Kent UK 
   but I was born in Wales. 

FIZZ aka: Dolyhir Seasons Sunset.
You can see my parents, brother and sisters at Dolyhir on their blog Dolyhir Bernese Mountain Dogs.   My sister Woozah loves the water and getting dirty but I prefer to keep clean as I don't really like having a bath. Mum and dad rule the farm and no one can do anything there without their permission, even the humans. 

It was a very long drive from the farm to my now home. 5 hours we drove for, with a few stops on the way. But I like my new home as I get lots of fusses every day. I also get to go to dog shows and I have 3 red ribbons (1st) 1 blue (2nd) and lots of yellow ones (3rd). The yellow ones are my favorites as I think they may be made of cheese and that is my favorite treat.

I like to keep my humans on their toes, I'm always hiding from them and wait for them to call many times before I jump out on them, ho ho. That's my favorite game. We have Halloween coming soon, hopefully mummy won't make me wear any silly costumes. I like to bark when the doorbell rings and see if I can frighten any of the kids away, but it doesn't work very well as they all think I'm sweet and want to stroke me. They never know what I am, BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG silly kids. I mean, how can you not know. We are all very special and the most beautiful of all dogs. I had a photo of me taken by a proper photographer, but I still think the ones mum takes are better. 

I am still quite young, only 2yrs 7 months, although I'm fully grown I still feel like a little pup. The only problem with growing is everything gets smaller. My favourite sleeping place is under the table. I used to be able to walk under it to go to sleep but now I have to get down on my belly and crawl. It's a bit of a pain but worth it.

Mummy bought a new car so I can go for a drive in comfort, but it's broken down and in the garage. I hope it comes back soon as I want to go for a drive to the Heath so I can find some of these bunnies you keep talking about. Mummy says that's where they all are, hiding from the foxes. I don't like foxes they keep pooing in my garden, I have to go and wee on it to re-scent my land. 

Me in the snow
It's a shame I can't come and see you for a play date. Mummy said I need a passport and that we would have to get on a plane. That it would be longer than my journey from Wales. And that I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet whilst on the plane as I would have to be in a crate. I don't like the idea of that. Maybe if I could go by boat it might be better, but I don't know if they have grass on them, but at least a cabin would be better than a crate.

you can visit Fizz on her own blog page at:

bernese mountain dogs @ berntoak